Sunday, March 14, 2010

BW Bride

I took this with a long lens and low light, so considering that, it came out reasonably well--she was not posing for me or anyone else, just playing.


  1. I like the angle of the stones behind her. I think it would have looked more static if they were level. I like her pose with her hands up and the contrast of her face and especially eyes against her white dress. Possibly it would be better if she had been further away from the wall so that it could have been put out of focus. But there was nothing you could do about that or you would have missed the shot which was well worth taking. I think also there is some wasted space up in the top. You could crop off a centimetre at the top. Also the dark shadow under her right arm kind of draws your eye to it so it could be lightened.
    I guess this is all coming from sitting through competitions and listening to judge's comments!
    I really do like the picture though

  2. Yeah, I was aware of the space at the top, but not sure how to get rid of it without changing the shape of the picture. There was a railing in the way!

    But lightening the shadow is good idea.

    I wasn't planning on entering wither of these in any competition--I just wanted to have something on the blog to start it out.