Tuesday, March 16, 2010


Some scary old oaks which stand in a field close to Sam's farm. I think they must have a preservation order on them. I did add a bit of sky top left as it was completely clear and didn't look balanced. Also added the wee tree far right and cloned out some far left that were cut off.


  1. The wee tree far right looks like it is not in the field. The trunk does come down to the field and as a print it is not so confusing.

  2. WOW! A powerful, dramatic and striking image--a winner for sure.

    The tree on the right, the small one, doesn't look as sharp or contrasty as the others, but I probably wouldn't have noticed had you not said something.

  3. You should also enter both of these in Monochrome weekend. He does pick "winners", though you don't win anything but recognition.

  4. How time passes - it is now over a week since this was judged. It didn't do quite as well as I'd hoped but actually, although that didn't come into the comment I think it could have been sharper when printed out large. Looks fine at the small size though. The judge really liked it. Said all the right things - that I was lucky not only to find the trees but to get a decent sky at the same time. He'd looked to see if the sky had been added in but couldn't see that it had - well it was only the top left which didn't touch the trees that I changed. But he only gave it 8.5 out of 10.
    Will enter in monochrome weekend if I get around to it.