Sunday, March 14, 2010

Questions to consider

When is a picture better in Black and white than color? 

When is it better in Monochrome than either color or black and white?

What subjects makes the best monochromes or BWs?

When is high contrast better and when is a full range of detail better?

Comments?  Further questions?


  1. Some colour pictures look too messy with too many colours and changing to monochome simplifies them and can draw attention to the main subject.You can use dodge and burn to emphasise the main subject or other methods like making different conversions and layering and masking out to reveal the contrast and density of different parts of the image.

    Alternatively a good software to use is Nik Silver Effects where you can make all these changes in one go. I don't have it at the moment though.

  2. I like to see a good range of contrast in a mono image. No blown highlights though or dark shadows with no detail. Unless of course it is a silhouette or meant to look like a graphic.

  3. But it is good to break the rules anytime so long as it works.

  4. Very good points here! Nice.

    I added a link to Monochrome weekend.

  5. I think I agree with you on all these.

  6. Just thought it would be good if this Item and the Purposes one had a date far ahead so that they were always on top? Thought I'd change it but the Edit button doesn't come up under my name.